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Motor protection transformer

Motor protection transformer

Product parameters
  This product is used for three-phase AC motors, power generation equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, power management, for accurate measurement and protection.
  Can be used for three-phase AC motors, power generation equipment, power management and other equipment for current monitoring and protection of the transformer
  According to the user's requirements to design and produce products, the following figure shows the Tianrui Electronics many products more representative of several.
  ▇ main features
  Flexible installation, wide overload range
  Different size input current can output a uniform voltage value, easy to use
  Product consistency and interchangeability
  ▇ the main parameters
  Rated input current Iin: 0-400 amps
  Rated secondary output Uo: 0-0.5 volts optional
  Maximum overload current: Imax: 10 × Iin
  Non-linearity: the difference is less than ± 0.5%;
  Angle difference <± 30 minutes
  Insulation resistance:> 500 megohms
  Power frequency voltage:> 3 kV
  ▇ model definition
  ▇ performance indicators
Note: Customers can choose according to system requirements in input and output value range.
  ▇ Dimensions (Unit: mm)
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